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My work is an exploration of contemporary metals within the context of wearable forms. I am inspired by the vast array of shapes and colours found in plant life throughout the seasons.

The fresh new growth of spring, the flamboyant colours of summer, the sorrow of autumn’s slow death, and the chill of winter, these are things that move me to create.

s_1 tephanie Elderfield is a contemporary jewellery artist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewellery + Metals from the Alberta College of Art +Design in 2014.

Working under the name of Metal Myth Studios, Stephanie makes limited production and one of kind jewellery pieces from rich coloured metals, silver and gemstones.

Stephanie’s work is inspired by beautiful plants found while exploring gardens and parks in and around her city. She is especially interested in the change of seasons in regards to her organic works.

The passage of time alters the appearance of plants quite dramatically at times, and this theme is frequently found within her works.